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Vishal Naidu - Fragments Of Serenity / CS


"Memories of a forgotten past makes its way into the present
Trees whisper the tales once lost in these woods
Washed away by the cleansing rains amongst the chaos
Pieces which fit, remembered by the distant lands
Fragments lay beside the enchanted creeks
Nocturnal woods conceal the paths untravelled
Her chaos destroys, her chaos heals
As these fragments of serenity slowly drift into one, it's all coming back together."

Composers - Vishal Naidu (all songs), Aditya Ramesh (Enchanted Creek, In Her Disarray II (Healing)), Thurnin (Distant Lands).
Artwork credits - Anya Medlin -
Additional artwork edit credits (title) - Aleh Z -
Mixed by Vishal Naidu, Mohit Bagur (Distant Lands) -
Mastered by Joshua Mallik -
Layout & Design: Orko Productions

Released September 15, 2022


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