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Lurid Orb - Folded Visions CS / with Exclusive Cards


'After coming across Dungeon and Fantasy Synth a few years ago, I knew this was the ultimate music I’d been searching for. It merged perfectly with my interests in fantasy literature, art and world-building. I spent a lot of time and took a lot of care with my first release, and enjoyed conjuring it forth from the orb immensely. I never thought that I would see my work in this genre in physical format and so when I heard they were to be put to tapes, if felt as if I had found an old archaic sword of glory or once-and-for-all had vanquished a Mighty Enemy! I am passionate about the worlds of creativity and imagination and hopefully this tape release marks the beginning of an epic and fantastic journey, overseen by the mighty powers of the luminous sphere!

Many thanks to a true inspiration and legend in Oytun from Orko Productions for putting this out and being a huge support. Tir helped me find a way to Dungeon Synth and now to have the man behind that project be part of the release…it is a fate I could not see from within the Orb, though I am thrilled to have it be so!'

Jon Weber / Lurid Orb

All Music and Art traditionally conjured (acrylic painting on board) by: Jon Weber (2023)
Mastering and Additional Mixing: Aaron Nayler Music (Mythscribe)
Released by Mystic Sceptre -
Layout & Design by Orko Productions & Jon Weber

🕯 Limited Edition
🕯 Professionally-Dubbed Tape
🕯 UV Led Pad Print
🕯 Artist-created exclusive collectible cards.


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