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The Aniseed Shroud - Brief Allusions of a Forgotten Yore / CS


In 2021, enthralled by the desire to compose dungeon synth that expressed the sorrowful feelings of nostalgia and longing, the newly founded music project The Aniseed Shroud (masterminded by James A.) gave us the introductory album Brief Allusions of a Forgotten Yore.
Through its notably ethereal and beautiful sound, which is reminiscent of the likes of Secret Stairways and Depressive Silence, James offered us his distinctive brand of "sentimental dungeon synth," enflaming our aches for times once or never lived.

With master synth and compositional skills, Oliver(aka Normanpex) is also well-known for his unique illustrations and this great album is definitely one to check out.

Music and Artwork by James A.
Mixing by Orko Productions.
Released April 1, 2022


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