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Ortnit - Wolfdietrich / CS with Wooden Box


In the third opus of this enchanting saga, the veil of mystery unfurls, and the very essence of magic dances through the lyrical notes. Within this album, a symphony of cinematic effects orchestrates a mesmerizing narrative, each song narrated with a resplendent atmosphere. Ortnit, the maestro, unveils a musical odyssey, a cascade of harmonies that swell into a magnificent storm. Here, his melodies transform and ascend, reaching sublime heights in a waltz of sound, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the ethereal embrace of his art.

Music by Thomas Helm (aka Empyrium)
Except „In Frieden sein“ by Ray Shulman & Kerry Minnear
Narrated by Marcel Dreckmann
Mixing and Mastering by Markus Stock (aka Empyrium)
in October 2023 at Klangschmiede Studio E
Paintings and logo by Benjamin König
Layout by Orko Productions

🕯 Limited Edition
🕯 Image Burned in the Wood
🕯 Handmade by Thomas Helm
🕯 Professionally-Dubbed Tape
🕯 Matte White Shells


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