Burgwela - Minstrel's S​ō​n / CS


Debut album by Burgwela.
Turkish Medieval Music.

All instruments by Burgwela
Vocals by Tugba Pala
Mix & Mastering by Burgwela, Orko Productions
Layout & Design by Orko Productions
Limited Edition
Professionally-Dubbed Tape
Matte White Shells

In the heart of Istanbul, where ancient whispers weave through the cobblestone streets of Galata, a tapestry of civilizations unfolds. Rome’s echoes, Byzantine secrets, and Ottoman dreams are etched in the very essence of this city, an embrace of time itself.

Yet, within the labyrinthine alleys of Galata, a rebellion of melodies emerged, a language that palaces failed to comprehend, deeming it an enigmatic foe. Street music, a symphony born from the asphalt, defiantly shattering traditional norms. Enter the realm of Burgwela, an alchemist of sound, who beckons us to witness the alchemy of the streets.

On February 2, let us embark on a journey of pre-order, a portal to the majestic harmonies of street aesthetics. Burgwela’s upcoming album promises to be a vessel, carrying the essence of the vibrant city, where every note is a breeze that whispers tales untold. Join us as we surrender to the allure of this musical odyssey, a celebration of the unbridled artistry that thrives within the soul of the streets.


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