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Tenhi - Väre Vinyl LP | Black


The second album by the unique Tenhi.

You just want to close your eyes and enjoy the moment. On their second album, Tenhi once again take the listener into the endless depths of Lapland. However, the development of the band is clear to hear. The pieces are more diverse, combining the atmospheric, partly rocky moments of their debut album "Kauan" with the shamanistic sounds of their mini CD "airut:ciwi". "Väre" creates images before your mind's eye ... pictures of unspoiled country-sides and deep forests far away from civilisation...

1. Vastakaiun
2. Jäljen
3. Vilja
4. Keväin
5. Yötä
6. Suortuva
7. Tenhi
8. Sutoi
9. Katve
10. Varis Eloinen
11. Kuolleesi Jokeen

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