Sun Of The Sleepless - I (Sun Of The Sleepless / Nachtmahr) CD Digipak


Split album by two insiders' tips of the experimental Black-Metal underground!

With Sun Of The Sleepless and Nachtmahr, we offer you two explorers of the night side - the night side which inspired foreboding characters such as Lord Byron and Georg Trakl to put their confrontations with death and the devil into verse. Sun Of The Sleepless, already thought lost by some, are featured with four stylistically diverse, but always pitch-black compositions, adding a mighty Burzum interpretation in keeping with tradition ('Dunkelheit') and a unique Dark Throne cover version. Nachtmahr contribute three scruffy tracks to this split CD that speak for themselves.


1. A Wolf in Sheep's Skin Clad
2. Romanze Zur Nacht
3. Dunkelheit
4. Neunter November
5. Tausend Kalte Winter
6. Spring '99
7. I
8. II
9. III


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