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Neun Welten - Destrunken CD Digipak


Musical nature mysticism par excellence

Three years after their much-lauded first album "Vergessene Pfade," Neun Welten released their second offering "Destrunken" in 2009, a sophomore of impressive coherence and characteristic compositions, delighting and enchanting their listeners once more with mystical and melancholic folk odes. Empyrium may have left a legacy that's hard to match, yet "Destrunken" proves that their loss is not irretrievable, despite the sheer genius of the creators behind Empyrium. This album is a sophomore somewhere between folk, classical music, and wonderful settings of nature, raising a worthy monument to the world beyond the cities. An acoustic hike through the forest you won't forget. The forest forever.

01. Frosthauch
02. Destrunken I
03. Destrunken II
04. Jarknez
05. Weites End
06. Ewig Ruh
07. Dämmerung
08. Schein
09. Der Stille See
10. Tau


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