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Grift - Syner CD


“Syner” (‘Visions’) was originally released by Nordvis in September 2015. Grift’s debut album shows significant evolution compared to the 2013 mini-LP “Fyra elegier”. For instance, Grift was now a solo venture by Erik Gärdefors – which is perhaps why the project started coming into its own. In addition, “Syner” introduced the seamless transitions between bleak, atmospheric metal and forest folk compositions that have since brought the project to prominence across multiple scenes.

The music is coated in a darkness indicative of Erik’s black metal background – but simultaneously drenched in ambiences and folky sounds speaking of a heartfelt infatuation with the nature of his native soil. Besides traditional metal instrumentation and acoustic guitars, much of the atmosphere is owed to the masterful use of the harmonium. As a testament to Erik’s uncanny ability to capture the same sombre and nostalgic sentiments regardless of musical expression, it’s worth mentioning that the song “Svältorna” is one of the most popular songs both in his metal and acoustic performances.

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Erik commented:

“Syner” is where I truly started exploring my own sound. I recorded the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals in Eremitaget Liesmia, an old chicken coop. Seeking an atmospheric soundscape – more shoegaze and indie rock than metal – I bought a Fender Stratocaster, a Vox amp, and a reverb pedal with a dreamy sound. The harmonium was recorded in a little cabin belonging to some friends of mine. It was wintertime, so I had to wear an overcoat and light candles to prevent my fingers from freezing off. I recorded the piano in my parent’s house with my father sitting beside me, reading a newspaper. Several times, I had to ask him not to rustle the pages too much.

I wanted to explore universal questions sprung from my native region through lyrics formulated with evocative language; that’s why I wove together local sites and phenomena with words inspired by authors such as Folke Dahlberg and Emil Cioran. All photos in the booklet were taken during walks around where I grew up. “Syner” is what “Arvet” and “Budet” would later build further upon, both in terms of concepts and emotions.


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