Empyrium - Weiland Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold | Gold


The quintessence of nature mysticism

'Weiland' is Empyrium's fourth album and embodies the quintessence of this unique band. Still performed acoustically, it combines the atmospheric suspense of the first two albums (e.g., "Heimkehr", "Die Schwäne im Schilf") with the pensive still lives of "Where At Night ..." (e.g., 'Kein Hirtenfeuer glimmt mehr', 'Nebel'). The musical spectrum of the project is enriched through the re-integration of drums and the introduction of instruments such as viola, violin, bassoon, or Mellotron, so there is also a lot to discover for those who already know Empyrium. The album is entirely devoted to nature mysticism. In its three chapters - Marsh, Forest, and Water -, Empyrium portray their view of nature in romantic and legendary ways.

Chapter 1: Heidestimmung
01. Kein Hirtenfeuer Glimmt Mehr
02. Heimwärts
03. Nebel
04. Fortgang
05. A Capella
06. Nachhall

Chapter 2: Waldpoesie
07. Waldpoesie

Chapter 3: Wassergeister
08. Die Schwäne Im Schilf
09. Am Wasserfall
10. Fossegrim
11. Der Nix
12. Das Blau-Kristallne Kämmerlein

- Gatefold 2LP (180g vinyl, gold) incl. PVC protection sleeve


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