Eaters of the Soil - Inedia 2 - Dystopian Dirges of Synthetic Decay / CS


Eaters of the Soil has been in existence since late 2020 and released its self-titled debut EP in July 2021, followed by four releases in 2022 – with one also featuring saxophonist Otto Kokke (Dead Neanderthals a.o.).
One of those four releases is Inedia , in which the band reversed its creative process, recording free improvisations first and then taking on the challenge of fusing them with its unmistakable doom sound in the studio.
The new EP (Inedia 2: Dystopian Dirges of Synthetic Decay, 2023) is a further exploration of this process, in which the band focused on controlled improvisation. In which EotS composer Niels Achtereekte directed his bandmates through musical and scenic prompts.


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