Antinoë - Whispers from the Dark Past / CD


'I heard the call from the Dark Past, and answered back in whispers.
Here’s a piano tribute album to 90s Norwegian Black Metal.
The spirit and memories of that era are still with us, and even though
some haven't known it personally, it is alive within the collective dreaming.
Piano and vocal arrangements are the tools in my possession
to explore a significantly personal selection of tracks that, altogether,
manifest a sample of sounds, thoughts and atmospheres from this period.
Darkness is a maze. This is just one of the paths.'


2023 Antinoë · Whispers From The Dark Past
Arrangement, instruments, vocals and recording by Antinoë
Mixing by Antinoë & Guille Marraco
Mastering by Guille Marraco
Layout Design by Antinoë
Artwork by Antinoë using AI tools
Photography by Aitana Fernández
Released by Orko Productions

Released April 7, 2023


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